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Interview with Jimmy Gnecco

Check out an exclusive interview with Jimmy Gnecco. He tells a little more about his career, relationship with the fans, the future with Velvet Revolver and projects, including a new CD of Ours.

By Mirella Stivani

Who is Jimmy Gnecco? How would you define yourself?
Jimmy Gnecco: I would say that I am a person who is trying to be happy, and doing all I can to make others happy in the process. I am full of flaws, but I'm always working on bettering them. 

How your music evolved over the years? What do you like more from each album?
Jimmy Gnecco: When I first started to write songs I was really ambitious. I wanted everything to be unique and some sort of opus. As I got into my first record I simplified things a bit and pulled back from more complicated arrangements. I've since tried to find a good balance between songs that's should be complex and songs that should be simple. I love both types of songs, so I think there will always be some sort of balance there for me. 

You're the composer of all songs from Ours. Why did you decide to release a solo album?
Jimmy Gnecco: I just wanted to do something different than we had just done with Mercy. It was time for a change. I'm ready for the drums and loud guitars again!

Was difficult for you to terminate the contract with the major label and opt for an independent label? Why did you make that decision?
Jimmy Gnecco: At the time it wasn't a very difficult decision. It seemed like we weren't getting the kind of help that we needed from major labels. Our experience on American/Columbia wasn't bad at all though. We loved making the record with Rick Rubin, and he was very good to us. The problem went beyond his control unfortunately. My hope was to sign with a label who didn't behave like a normal label. We were looking to find a new way of working through the system. Unfortunately, that didn't happen either, so I am now label free all together. 

You made ​​several acoustic shows alone. How was the experience? Did you miss the band?
Jimmy Gnecco: I like to do solo shows as special events, but my passion is to play with a band.  

How was the experience of touring with A-HA? How did the idea of ​​touring together?
Jimmy Gnecco: That experience was amazing. A-HA had announced their farewell tour and we figured we may as well ask if we could join them. They said yes! 

What do you think about your fans? What is the relationship with them?
Jimmy Gnecco: Well, as a songwriter when I write a song from my heart that others relate to, it makes me feel very close to them. It makes me feel as if we have gone through something together. 

Will you release a new album with Ours?
Jimmy Gnecco: We have begun working on the next Ours record. We hope to have it finished and out sometime this year. 

What do you know about Brazil? Do you want to play here sometime?
Jimmy Gnecco: I would love to come to Brazil to play.

About Velvet Revolver: will be you the new lead singer? If this happens, do you think you can balance the work with the two bands (Ours and VR)?
Jimmy Gnecco: I am currently working on ideas with them. We'll see if we can make something great together. That's the first step. 

If you will be the new singer of VR, how to deal with resistance that can arise both from yours fans and Velvet's fans?
Jimmy Gnecco: If I am able to write great songs with the guys from Velvet Revolver, I would hope that there is enough of me in there for Ours fans to feel a connection to it. I can't be too concerned about if their existing fans will like me because that could alter the creative process. All I can hope for is great music and open minds. 

Please could you leave a message for your fans?
Jimmy Gnecco: Hello everyone. Thank you for all of your love and support over the years. I'm always pushing myself to deliver something special and I appreciate you noticing when you do. I hope to see you all soon. I wish you all the best and lives full of love.